Traffic Intelligence

Traffic Intelligence

As retailers push to differentiate and increase brand loyalty, the heart of the challenge lies with understanding and enhancing the customer shopping experience by asking key questions like: How many customers shop on a daily basis and at what times? Which promotional displays are engaging? Are there enough employees on the retail floor? And the most important question…how many shoppers made purchases on a particular day?

A viable solution to understanding retail traffic is Traffic Intelligence when addressing areas such as conversion rates, staffing levels, promotions and the overall customer experience.

Forward-thinking retailers who implement a solid traffic intelligence program with multiple, integrated solutions have access to mission-critical intelligence, enabling them to enhance, engage and boost customer loyalty. Tyco Retail Solutions’ innovative suite of traffic products captures traffic data and identifies opportunities to improve a store’s overall performance.

By partnering with Tyco – a preferred security and intelligence provider - you can garner incredible insight, gain a competitive edge and ultimately increase profitability.


Improved Sales

Tyco’s Traffic Intelligence solutions enable higher shopper conversions (traffic-to-sales ratio) and higher shopper baskets with more accurate understanding of potential sales opportunities.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Improves service levels by matching store staffing levels to actual need.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Provide valuable intelligence around customer shopping patterns, store layouts and the impact of advertising and promotional spending.


Traffic Counting (Hardware)

Sensors used in Traffic Intelligence solutions convert optical inputs into data streams that reflect the presence of shoppers.

Traffic Reporting (Software)

Tyco’s reports range from integrated quick response dashboards to in-depth analysis for long range planning.

Key Brands

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