Inventory Intelligence

Inventory Intelligence

Retail leaders are defined by their ability to attract and retain loyal customers, while meeting the increasingly stringent financial performance and growth expectations of their investors.

In pursuit of these goals, they have invested billions over the past decade to automate siloed processes within the corporate, merchandising, supply chain and store areas, while spending even more on specialized solutions for pricing, markdowns, web, multi-channel and customer interaction.

Yet for all this investment, inventory accuracy remains an industry wide problem -- putting the success of these solutions and the financial viability of a retailer at risk. Tyco’s Inventory Intelligence can drive significant improvements in inventory accuracy, approaching 99% in many cases.

This inventory accuracy translates into performance gains for retailers helping them succeed in meeting financial goals and meeting customer expectations.


Revenue Growth

Increase sales through inventory accuracy, out-of-stock reduction: drive higher customer satisfaction; and deliver more meaningful associate interactions. Support innovative merchandising, multi-channel and clienteling strategies.

Cost Reductions

Reduce labor costs by optimizing distribution and store operations labor inefficiencies. Reduce markdowns or write-offs on off-season or slow moving inventory and reduce shrink.

Asset Investment and Working Capital

Increase inventory turns with lean processes and reduced inventories; improve better store space utilization; and enhance retail planning and execution.


Dual Technology (EAS and RFID)

Utilizing combined solutions like our leading Acousto-Magnetic (AM) Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and RFID technologies, you can significantly increase visibility while simultaneously decreasing the persistent threat of internal and external theft.

Inventory Execution and Analytics

Innovative and highly scalable multi-sensor technologies allow management to capture, interpret and respond to key information about inventory, assets, shoppers and associates.

Mobile and Cloud-based, Serverless Deployments

Mobile/handheld devices and cloud-based, serverless deployment options offer you the flexibility to gain value today while you grow to require more functionality in the future.

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